I’m Pregnant, How do I tell my Family?

Give your family time to process.

The words are never easy to get out.

You found out you’re pregnant and now you have to tell the people in your life. For some it may be a boyfriend, ex-boyfriend or someone you just hooked up with. For others it might be your parents, his parents or even your spouse. Breaking the news of an unplanned pregnancy is hard.

You can spend time thinking about how to say it, when to say it or choosing the best words so they will react in your favor, but the words are never easy to get out. Think about how you felt when you first entertained the idea you might be pregnant. Shock, fear, disappointment, anger, sadness, frustration might be a few of the emotions you felt. When you tell others it’s likely that they will have those feelings too.

It is important to remember that you have had time to think about it and honestly, you probably haven’t stopped thinking about it since you heard the news. You have processed the information and have begun the process of understanding your next steps and the impact a pregnancy may have on your life.

Give your boyfriend and family time. They might react differently than you expected and they will have questions, lots of questions. Be prepared to give honest answers and to let them know what you think. It is important that you allow them to express their emotions and that you give them the space and the time they need to begin thinking rationally. You might need to suggest that they talk with someone at the Pregnancy Resource Center. We have men who can talk to your boyfriend or spouse and we have consultants who can talk with your parents or friends.

If you find that someone is pressuring you to do something or make a choice that you disagree with, don’t give up.  You have the final choice and no woman should ever feel as if she is being manipulated to do something or make a choice she does not fully agree with. Find someone to talk with or call the Pregnancy Resource Center. You should never be forced or coerced into a decision if you do not agree with.