Natalie – Pregnancy, Drugs and Alcohol

I can finally get my life back on track!

Recently off drugs and alcohol and waiting to get into rehab.

Natalie came to the Pregnancy Resource Center recently off of drugs and alcohol and waiting to get into a rehab.  She had taken a pregnancy test from the Dollar Store and it was positive.  She wasn’t sure who the father of the baby was, and she wanted to know if we could help. After talking to her about her relationships and menstrual cycle, we were able to help give her some idea of when she might have ovulated, therefore had a higher chance of understanding who the father could be.

Her words about this pregnancy were, “After all this time, I see this baby as a good thing and finally I can get my life back on track.  I may not ever know who the baby’s dad is, but I’m not sure it really matters.  What matters is that I am off drugs and can love this baby.”

Natalie had never been pregnant before and she was excited about having an ultrasound.  She came back later that week for her ultrasound appointment and brought along a few of her family members.   Natalie informed our nurse that she still doesn’t know who the father of the baby was, but she had talked with her boyfriend and he wants to help her raise this baby.

No matter what circumstances you might find yourself in, the Pregnancy Resource Center is here to help. We offer free pregnancy testing, ultrasounds and prenatal vitamins.  Our staff is compassionate and caring and will always meet you right where you are at.