Olivia – The Good Girl in an Unplanned Pregnancy

I felt pressure to abort, a pressure I never imagined facing, yet I felt like I had no choice.

I was ashamed, scared and embarrassed

Olivia hadn’t felt well for the last week.   Some friends had convinced her to take the pregnancy test, and offered her their small comfort when the results came back positive.  It just couldn’t be.  Olivia’s parents were committed Christians who’d always looked on her as their “good” child. A child out of wedlock would break their hearts and may even sever her ties to them forever.  She felt pressure to abort, a pressure she never imagined facing, yet she felt like she had no choice.  The appointment with Planned Parenthood was scheduled, and when she got in the car words came out of her mouth that she couldn’t stop. “I don’t want to go to Planned Parenthood,” she remembers.  “I want to go somewhere where – I don’t know – I don’t want it to feel all surgical and sterile and cold.”  Her friend stopped the car and they both searched on their phones and found the Pregnancy Resource Centers of Central Oregon (PRCCO).  It was just down the street and they drove there instead.

“My heart was pounding through my chest, and I was so ashamed to have to look anybody in the eyes, even a stranger.  But the receptionist was just so sweet and cheerful and full of smiles.  I probably was starting to cry.  But she was really calm and comforting.”

The free pregnancy test confirmed her fears; she was pregnant.  Her nurse suggested an ultrasound to learn how far along she was.  Olivia agreed, but she could not get over the sinking feeling inside.  She saw the image on the screen.  There was barely anything to see and the nurse didn’t say too much. “The nurse referred me to my doctor and told me she wasn’t seeing what she expected to see.  She indicated the possibility of a miscarriage.”

Weeks later, Olivia stopped by the Pregnancy Resource Center.  She told the nurse “one of the reasons I didn’t go to Planned Parenthood was because I was so afraid they would pressure me towards having an abortion.  But PRCCO was different.  You listened and you heard me.  When I had the ultrasound and received the news that I may have miscarried, the nurse was so comforting.   She even prayed for me.  Thank you for being there when I needed help.  I didn’t know what I needed, but you were there.   Thank you, PRCCO!”


Are you feeling pressured to abort?  Are you confused?  Is money an issue?  Your career?  Are you afraid of what your friends or family might think?  We might not have all the answers but we can help.  Every day we talk to women and girls who are facing unplanned pregnancies.  Call, make an appointment or just walk-in.  We don’t care how you get here; just come as you are.