Miranda – I wasn’t planning this pregnancy

I have my abortion scheduled, but my Mom said I should call you

I have an abortion scheduled

We never know what to expect when our phone rings.  On this particular day, we had one of those divine appointments.

The voice on the other end of the phone sounded panicked, as she declared, “I have my abortion scheduled for tomorrow morning, but my Mom said to call you today.” Miranda began to cry on the phone, and went on to explain, “I wasn’t planning to be pregnant.  I can’t handle another child.  I have health issues that will make this pregnancy hard, and I can’t miss work.”  We talked, we cried, and by the end of the phone call, Miranda said she was going to cancel her appointment and schedule a time to come in to PRCCO so we could talk more.  She had the next day off work, so we scheduled her to come in the next day.

She did come in and had cancelled the appointment – but she had not told her employer since they were encouraging her to have an abortion.  Still, she had a big smile on her face and was gushing about how happy she was that she chose to keep this baby and that she had only scheduled the abortion because of the pressure she felt! Miranda said, “I don’t know what would have happened if I hadn’t called you!”

Miranda understands that she has a hard, long road ahead of her, but she also knows that we are here to walk alongside her, help her with needed resources and love her unconditionally!

We understand the pressures our clients face.  Sometimes life seems overwhelming, and the thought of being pregnant or having a child does not seem possible. We will listen and help you see that you don’t have to go through your pregnancy alone.  We can direct you to resources in the community that can help you with many of your most pressing needs.