Free Prenatal Vitamins Available

We want you and your baby to be healthy.

We have a 6 month supply for you!

Did you know Pregnancy Resource Centers of Central Oregon is the only place you can get access to a FREE 6 month supply of pre-natal vitamins?  We have received a grant through Vitamin Angels that allows our clients to obtain vitamins that will aid in the supplemental nutrition for themselves and their developing babies. Our trained nurses dispense vitamins with careful instructions about dosage and daily usage.

Many of the women who enter our doors need more than just a pregnancy test.  They are looking for ways to prepare for parenthood and to begin taking control of their lives now that they are pregnant. Prenatal vitamins are just one way we offer assistance.  Each of our centers offer parenting classes, free ultrasounds and a wide variety of resources to help men, women and families begin their journey into parenthood. For those who need clothing, blankets, socks, diapers or even a stroller, we have fully stocked boutiques that can be accessed for free by clients who are participating in our Educational Programming.

We reach further in the community and offer clothing, diapers, blankets and anything else needed for the Foster Parents who may find themselves with an immediate need.

It is a blessing to provide out of the abundance that we are given.  Its not just about vitamins… it’s so much more!