Brody – Born in tragedy, birthed in hope

I was skeptical, but glad I went to the Pregnancy Resource Center

Baby Brody’s story is one of tragic circumstance that found hope in the most unlikely of friendships.


Jenn was living in a tent with her boyfriend of 3 weeks. I remember her saying that she just needed to stay warm at night and her boyfriend made her feel safe. The nights were cold and one morning she woke up not feeling well. The sickness continued and when she realized she missed her period she came into our office for a Pregnancy Test. The test was positive and Jenn cried. After the sadness subsided a sense of steely resolve took over and she knew she needed to make some changes. She asked for help and we came alongside her and began to sketch out plans for the next 9 months. Jenn wanted her baby to have a warm place to go home to.  Our first call together was to Grandma’s House and they had a place for her. We talked about the struggles she would face and let her know we would be there with her as she got back on her feet.

Over the next 9 months Jenn and I met together weekly and prepared for job interviews. She learned how to prepare for a baby, how to diaper a newborn, the safe ways to put her baby to sleep and how to prepare for childbirth. Jenn earned points through our Learn to Earn program and purchased clothes, diapers, a car seat and a bath for her baby. A local church heard Jenn’s story and donated a crib, changing table and stroller to her. Jenn began attending church and continued to find support through a small group of single moms she connected with.

Jenn’s dream was realized when Brody was born and she was able to take him home to Grandma’s house. Although that wasn’t her first stop when she was released from the hospital. Jenn brought Brody to the Pregnancy Resource Center so he could meet the staff and friends who had prayed for and cared for them so well.  Brody and Jenn now come together to the PRC each week.  While Jenn participates in a Bible Study and continues her parenting education program, Brody is rocked, held and loved. What a beautiful ending to a story that could have had a much different outcome.


If you are in a situation that seems dark or overwhelming, give us call. You do not have to face an unplanned pregnancy alone.  Our staff is here to help you find hope in the darkest of moments.