Pregnancy Loss


Pregnancy Loss of any kind is a devastating and heartbreaking moment in a woman’s life.  After the loss of a baby, many people find themselves alone and isolated during one of the most difficult experiences they will ever face.  We never want a women to face these circumstances alone and we desire you to be seen, understood and loved.

  • Some women experience feelings of loss and regret after an abortion.
  • After a miscarriage, many women find themselves grieving in a doctor’s office with no one to share in their grief.
  • When a child is lost shortly before, during or after their due date parents are left to manage their grief and sorrow on their own. 

In many of these incidences, women are told, “Don’t worry, you can try again” or “It wasn’t your fault, it just happens”.  Words often spoken as a way to comfort, but never able to reach the deep ache in her heart.


A Pregnancy Loss Event

BE SEEN  as you Celebrate – Remember – Commemorate

In 2022, we will host a Pregnancy Loss event designed specifically for moms, dads, families and extended families of those who have experienced any type of pregnancy loss.  At this event we will:

  • Celebrate the lives of the children we have lost
  • Remember the moments that we we lost or those that we were able to share
  • Commemorate the names, dates and lives of our children

This event will be held in the Fall of 2022.  Check back for more information on how you can participate or get involved.