Blankets for Babies

cozy + warm + blanket = love
online auction

March 18-20, 2022

Auction will go live on March 18 –  at that time you will find a live auction button here.

Bid on a blanket

For 72 hours,  you have the opportunity to make a diffeence in the life of a child.  To provide them with warmth and the safety experienced from being wrapped with love in a special blanket.

Bid on a baby blanket to be given to a client at the Pregnancy Resource Center.  Blankets have been donated by local seamstress, quilters and women who love to knit and sew.  Every blanket has a story and it will have a story to be told.

In order for this event to be a success, we need two things.

  1. A dedicated volunteer to organize and implement the event (gathering blankets, taking photos, cataloging, uploading descriptions to our online auction platform, contacting media outlets and distributing blankets).
  2. Quilted baby blankets. We have a large supply of hand knitted blankets and we need quilted cotton or flannel baby blankets (hand or machine stitched) in sizes  30×40” or 36×52” approximately.

I can help with this event!

Baby Blankets – I Can Help

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Baby Blankets – I Can Donate
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Why donate or buy a blanket?

Watch this video by our friends at Prestonwood Pregnancy Clinic that beautifully demonstrates the power of a blanket donated to a Pregnancy Center.