Sanctity of Human Life

god values life and so do we

Throughout Central Oregon, women are hurting from the trauma of unplanned pregnancies, families are crumbling because they lack basic resources to support their families and unborn children are perishing because the choice to deny life is easier than ever.

Our goal is to empower the church to share about the value and sanctity of life.  God values every human life, from conception to the grave.  Born or unborn every life has value because it is made in the image of God.  On the third Sunday of January, our nation pauses to remember why we are called to love, serve and offer compassionate help to women who find themselves in unintended pregnancies.  We remember the lives lost to abortion and we thank God for those in our communities who support our ministry so we may continue to pray for and petition for those who may not have a voice or a choice.

If you are looking for a way to mark this occasion and to share about God’s value of life, we have provided a number of resources for you to utilize.