I’m not sure I’m ready to have a baby

Now What?

This just won’t work for me right now.

It can be extremely scary thinking about having a baby, considering an abortion or feeling like you have to put your life on hold to accommodate your decision.

Maybe you’re still in high school or college, currently unemployed, or already have the children you planned. And it just doesn’t seem possible to go through a pregnancy and manage your responsibilities, or to keep your life on track.

I know how you’re feeling, I’ve been there. And here is what I learned.

The money issue.

My assumptions about what might be free or costly were wrong. There are services available to pregnant women in Oregon that help cover medical costs for a pregnancy and that can help care for and provide supplies for their baby once it’s delivered. And come to find out, abortion isn’t free. Surgical or medication-based abortions are actually expensive procedures that usually are not covered by insurance. Some clinics will offer discounts based on income level, but be wary of anyone promoting free abortions.

The options were different than I thought.

I realized my options were different than I realized. You may think abortion sounds like a quick and easy way to get on with your life. But did you know there are risks? Women can suffer physical risks during the procedure including infection and damage to the uterus. They can also suffer emotionally after the procedure, even years later, it’s called Post Abortion Trauma.

I learned that if I gave birth, it was only a short period out of my life. My school would work with me so I didn’t fall behind, and my family was more supportive than I expected. And finally, the medical support available would cover almost all the expenses. If I decided to have the baby adopted, I could be involved with the placement choice, and choose to stay connected or not, and sometimes the agencies can also help with expenses. And if I decided to keep the baby, there were many community organizations that could help me prepare and cover expenses.

What did I do?

Wondering what I decided? I’m not going to share that, as the purpose of this story is to help you think through your options, and I don’t want my choice to influence your choice.

Slow it Down

Ok, now the best thing I did was to stop over thinking. Take a moment to clear out your assumptions, your opinions, your friend’s and family’s opinions. Focus on learning the facts. And take one step at a time.

If you haven’t confirmed you’re pregnant yet, make that the first step. Contact the Pregnancy Resource Center to schedule a free pregnancy test and possible ultrsound. They are there to be an unbiased support system for you.

You’re on a new journey, you will be ok!