Melissa – I can’t have another baby

Melissa called asking about an abortion.

Melissa called asking about an abortion

Melissa called asking about an abortion.  She had seen a faint line on her home pregnancy test and wanted confirmation that she was pregnant.  She had a young baby already, and her “other half” agreed that they shouldn’t have another baby right now.  We scheduled her to come in the same day and she agreed, as long as she could find someone to watch her baby.  Melissa’s period was only 6 days late but she knew her body well enough to recognize the signs and symptoms of pregnancy.  She stated repeatedly, “This is not the right time to have another baby.”  She had a young child from a previous relationship, and a baby with her current boyfriend.  She admitted that abortion was never something she would ever want for herself, and yet it was the only option she could see for this pregnancy.  She was “done having babies” and felt 2 children was all she could handle.  Her greatest concerns were lack of finances, absence of any family support, isolation and the fear of having two young babies so close in age.

The pain continued to pour out of Melissa.  She was ashamed that she was pregnant again. She didn’t want to tell anyone, especially her mom, for fear she would be judged and that her mom would belittle her.  Her boyfriend worked most nights and would be unable to help during the day because he would need to sleep.  They were barely making ends meet and were counting on her going back to work so they could catch up on their unpaid bills. She even revealed that she wasn’t even in love with her boyfriend and was staying with him to have a safe place to raise her baby.  This was not what she planned.

Melissa was offered an ultrasound, but she would have to wait 2 weeks so her baby would be visible on the screen.  She couldn’t wait that long and planned to call her Obstetrician in Portland and see if they could schedule her sooner.  Just in case she was unable to get to Portland, we put her on our ultrasound schedule.

Our nurse followed up with Melissa on the phone about a week later.  She had visited with her doctor and discussed her abortion options.  Her doctor recommended the abortion pill.  She traveled back to Central Oregon with the pills in her purse, but for some reason she wasn’t in a hurry to take them.  She called her brother when she arrived home to tell him about her decision.  Her brother advised her to wait a few days and to really pray and think about what she was doing.  At the same time, the PRCCO staff and nurses had been praying for her as well. A few days had passed, and she and her boyfriend found time to share their feelings, and both of them came to the same conclusion.  They wanted this baby!  Melissa was convinced that she never took the abortion pill because her brother and the ladies at PRC were praying.

Melissa returned to PRCCO and is working toward completing the Learn 2 Earn Educational Program.  She is joyful, happy, and she encourages us every time she walks through our doors.


If you are considering an abortion, make an appointment to talk to one of the trained consultants at the Pregnancy Resource Center.  We are available to listen and help you think through the difficult decisions you are facing.