Emma – Pregnant and Smoking Marijuana

Her baby was her priority.

It was my choice to stop using marijuana

Emma had been experiencing nausea for the past few weeks and was using marijuana to help ease the sick feeling. Smoking in the morning when she woke up and again after work helped her to relax and made her nausea go away. After talking with a friend about feeling sick all the time, her friend encouraged her to take a pregnancy test.

Emma was only 22 and had never been pregnant before.  She was in her second year of college and had a boyfriend but thought they were being safe. Emma made an appointment with the Pregnancy Resource Center and came in on a Tuesday.  When we confirmed her pregnancy she immediately asked if the marijuana was going to hurt the baby. Our nurse reviewed the risks of using marijuana while pregnant and Emma knew she had to stop.  The nurse gave her some helpful hints about how to manage the morning sickness without the use of marijuana and Emma agreed to try.

The nausea continued, but Emma decided that the health of her baby was her priority.  She woke up every morning and ate a few crackers before she even got out of bed. Her work was stressful and she made it a point to drink lots of water, rest each day and put her feet up for a few minutes when she came home.

Baby Julianne was born on a beautiful summer day and she is perfect! Emma worried throughout her pregnancy if the marijuana was going to hurt her baby girl, but she was born with 10 perfect fingers, 10 perfect toes and is thriving.

We are so glad Emma received accurate information to help her make the right decision to stop using marijuana while she was pregnant.


If you or someone you know is pregnant and using marijuana, it’s never too late to quit. Make an appointment  to talk to a consultant or one of our nurses about how the effects of marijuana on your child.