Building a Center Together

We couldn’t be more excited about the opportunities the Lord is placing before us as we begin to move into Jefferson County.  God answered our prayers abundantly as this building came available through the help of one of our donors.  The building is being completely reconstructed on the inside so we can have a beautiful space to offer to our community.  The walls are going up, the flooring will go down and we will be left with 10 spaces that need to be created into working rooms.  We are looking for individuals, families, small groups, churches or businesses that might be willing to adopt-a room and ensure it functions well for the Pregnancy Resource Center (PRCCO).  We are attempting to acquire many of our basic furniture and fixture needs, but anticipate each room to cost anywhere from $1000 – $2000 to furnish and decorate.  Check out the list of rooms and specific needs.  If you would like to adopt a room, let us know.

In case you wanted to see it, here is the floor plan of our space.  This will provide a basic idea of location and size of each room.  Note – this is not EXACTLY to scale.

Floor Plan

Choose a Room to Adopt

By God’s grace, the needs for all of our rooms have been taken care of.   Furnish Hope is helping with most of our furniture needs and along with the donations we have already received, we feel blessed. We are still needing people to help us on moving day, and a carpenter or two to build shelving and someone who has an eye for landscaping or flowers who can help give our new center a bit more curb appeal.  All you name to our list of volunteers below and we will be in touch.   Of course, we imagine there will be a few unexpected needs as we put the finishing touches on the center, so if you would like to give a gift to help us get on our feet, click the donate button below.
Looking for Volunteers and Skilled Laborers
Madras Adopt-A-Room
How Can You Help?