Addie-I was alone and needed help

I'm not pregnant, but I could use some help.

I wasn’t pregnant, but needed help

Addie came to the Pregnancy Resource Center from out of state.  She was fleeing an abusive ex-husband and had made the decision to start a new life. Though they had been divorced for a year, he was still following her and continued to be destructive towards her and their children.

Her hope was to move to a rural town and start new. She saved every penny she could, purchase an RV and drove to Central Oregon.  Her two young children had a safe place to sleep and a roof over their head, but she wanted more for them. After finding a place to park her RV, one of the first places she looked for was the Pregnancy Resource Center. She walked through the doors with her two young children and said “I’m not pregnant, but I could use some help.” She had visited a center similar to ours when she as pregnant with her two children. She remembered how friendly they were and how much they helped her. She was hoping we might be the same.

“The women who work her are so kind and I never feel like I’m being judged.  My kids are not perfect and we don’t always have clean clothes, but I know we can come to the Pregnancy Resource Center any time.”

The last time Addie was in we asked what was she saving her Learn2Earn points up for, and she proudly declared “A dresser!” Interestingly enough, in our back office we have had a beautiful dresser that we inherited from our Madras Center. We showed it to Addie and she took a few measurements and said “this will fit perfectly!”

Serving clients, young or old, pregnant or with small children, living at home or living in an RV, employed or looking for work, it’s what we have the privilege to do every day. Don’t hesitate to come and see us. Come as you are, we are here for you.


Sometimes you just need a hand-up to move forward and gain ground when you feel like life has beaten you down. We talk with men and women every day that are living in their cars, in a tent, or don’t have secure housing. The truth is, we can’t guarantee that we can find you a place to live, but we might be able to help make things a little bit easier for you. Make an appointment to stop by our centers and explain your situation. We have free coffee, tea, hot cocoa and snacks!